Resolve to be Uncompromising  in a compromising world 

Scripture: Daniel 1

We are observing Youth Sunday Today. Today’s old testament reading talks about fellowship of 4 people. Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.
Epistle reading was about Timothy. NT was about Zacheus. Both of them were Young people who committed to God.

Daniel 1:8
Daniel resolved not to defile.
He believed in the God he confessed. He stood firm, uncompromising.

He must have been between 14 to 17. He was taken captive, 500 miles away in a heathen land.

1. Daniels Chosenness

Daniel didn’t compromise in Babylon. He knew he was chosen by God.
Story; Dr. Fosteus surrendering soul to Satan for 24 years.

Daniel realized the chosenness of his own.

2. Daniels Circumstances

Nation, Name and Nourshiment changed. But Daniels Nature didn’t change.

3. Daniels commitment

I would not Defile. There was no Bible, parents or elders to guide Daniel.
The Word of God was rooted in Him.

Daniel was a man of Character.

Do we understand that we are chosen by God?, Do we understand circumstances? Are we ready to commit ourselves to God?

Daniel resolved not to defile. Uncompromising Daniel in a compromising world stood firm for God.