This Sunday is observed as Passion Sunday

Cross and the restoring Christ

Psalm 23:3 restoreth my soul புத்துயிர் கொடுத்து

Newlife is given to a phone by charging. For Christians cross is the plug point

1 Cor 1:18,23 Early church was clear about cross restoring power

1st sermon of Peter Acts 2
References was given from Psalm. It was only for 3 minutes.
Baptism in the name of Jesus Christ. It brought 3000 people.

Peter said Repent and be baptized.. You will receive the Holy Spirit

Impact of the Restoration

1. Lovelessness to lovefulness

Restoration of

1 John 4:19 He loved us first
Jesus prayed from the Cross for our forgiveness.

2. Faithlessness to Faithfulness

Acts 9:20 onwards
Paul started to preach in the synagogue

3. Hopelessness to Hopefulness
Rejoice in the hope of Jesus Christ. Future beyond the end/death

With Christ there in endless hope; Without Christ there is hopeless end

Close by reading Romans 15:13