Scripture: Acts 2:1-13;John 20:19-23
Sermon by: Rev. Lawerence Jebadoss
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Pentecost is the birth of the Church. Holy spirit has come to stay among us. He had come to be in us.

1. Enlightening Spirit

Holy Spirit warms up you. Disciples were cold after the death and resurrection of our Lord. The gift of Holy Spirit warms them up.

If we are cold today, this is the day to warm you up.

Holy Spirit does 2 things
a) Cleansing (John 15:1,2)
b) Consuming

2.Executing Holy Spirit

God has a Plan for everyone. The Holy Spirit executes the plan.

Acts of Apostles is also called Acts of the Holy Spirit

3. Empowering Holy Spirit

In dwelling person in every person. 120 people in the upper room. When the Holy Spirit descended, it divided into each of them.

Promise to Mary: The Holy Spirit will come upon you. The Power from above will over shadow you. The world will be saved by Jesus.

When the Holy spirit is in us, transformation takes place