Introductionto the cross
Rev. G. Lawerence Jebadoss

Over the Lenten Season, we saw about 6 mountains (Ararat, Moriah, Sinai, Nebo, Carmel, Karn Hattin) leading to the 7th mountain – Mount – Calvary where we see the Divine Submission to the will of the Father

He was in the cross for 6 hours. He made cross into three things.
A. Altar
B. Bridge
C. Crown

I. Father, Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing
Luke 23:32-34
Rev. Arun Gopal
Follow Jesus’s example when you encounter embrassing situations

The word is forgive..not excuse.

1. Spontanity in forgiveness
2. Continuity in forgiveness
3. Abundance in forgiveness

People responsible for crucifixion
1. Pilate – Threatened by personality of Jesus
2. Herod – Threatened by integrity of Jesus
3. Annas – Threatened by credibility of Jesus
4. Caiphas – Threatened by popularity of Jesus
5. Scribes and Phrasiees – Threatened by humility of Jesus

Jesus loved them all and forgives them.
1994 elections in South Africa. Chris hanny Assisanation (Illustration)

Let us remain committed to the example of Jesus Christ.

II. Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.
Luke 23:42-43
Rev. H.A.S. Soundarajan

Paul’s salvation experience Acts 9

1. Amazing Situation at Calvary
2. Amazing Supplication at Calvary
3. Amazing Salvation at Calvary

III. “Woman, here is your son” “Here is your Mother”
John 19:25-27
Mr. Sam Kurian

John was capable of taking care of Lord’s Mother. He had very clear understanding of Jesus. John 1:14
Why did Jesus spoke little on Cross
Rev 1:18. I am alive forever and ever.

Let’s keep all our anxiety on him.

IV. “Eli, Eli, lema Sabachthani?”
Matthew 27:45-46
Mr. Robin Wellington

How could Father forsake his son?
Light at Mid night when Jesus birth was announced, but Darkness at Mid day when Jesus died

Jesus was deserted by everyone and was alone. Sin is real. Transfer is real. Penalty is real. Forsaken by God is real. All for us. Our sins.

He cried. Was silent through physical suffering and agony. Spiritual separation made him cry, as the agony is greater.

1. Lost the comforting love of Father
2. Terror of the judgment poured on him

God will not forsake us. Sin separates us from God, but we need to come back.

Beach footprints (illustration)
Jesus went through this so that we are not forsaken by God ever, when we accept and belive the cross.

Let’s hold the Grace available on the cross.
Isaiah 53:5,6 ..note we and our in these verses.

My God my God why have you accepted me?

V. I am Thirsty
John 19:28
Dr.Jayanth Jacob

Put to practice the Word of God
Psalm 69:3, 21

OT, IF, EF – On time, In full, Error free

How long will we be commentators of Word of God and spectators of what he did on the cross.
Its time for action

There is a mismatch between need and wants. Need is Joy and Peace.
Happiness is not Joy. Circumstances didn’t determine Joy.

John 4:13 Water that’s Thirst
What is this thirst? Jesus refers

Search for Holy spirit gives Joy
Part of winning team. Important attribute is to be selfless.

John 6:35. Never Thrist
Can anyone say God has not met my need.
100% dependence on God, can make us selfless.

Abraham and Lot..

What should we Thrist for?
Isaiah 55:1,2, Revelation 22:17
Free gift of living water, but comes only if wish and thirst for us

Spirit of living water flows out. People will see Christ in us.
If believers we cannot be witness in our workplace, who can be?

VI. “It is finished”
John 19:29-30
Rev. G. Lawrence Jebadoss

Finished – Fulfilled – Accomplished
God’s mission is fullfilled

Jesus says, I have full filled. Now its your responsibility

Why Jesus came? What did he accomplish?
Luke 4:18
Luke 19:10
Matthew 5:17

How NT fulfills OT

1. Creation
2. Conversion
3. Confidence (Hope)

Matthew 5, Jesus gives a new meaning yo the law.
Genesis creation. It is Good.
Rev 21:5, Behold, I made everything new.

Jesus wants to recreate

Ez 36:26 New heart. Heart stone to flesh
II Cor 5:17

Proverbs 23: 18 Future Hope
I Thes 4:13 New hope

John 9: 4,5
1. Time
As long as its day Work. Be concerned about time, to doing Gods will

2. Duty
Do the work of my the Father

3. Self
I am the light of the world.

My work. I will do it. Are you conscious about your self.

Time conscious, Duty conscious and self conscious will make you say “It is full filled”

What is your Progress card to your Father?

Mission of Jesus, it begins but doesn’t end, it continues

John 20:21, I am sending you. Breathed Holy Spirit.

VII. “Father, into your hands I commit my Spirit”
Luke 23:44-46
Rev. Ruby Lawerence

Its a final Prayer. A submission prayer.

Thank you, I am sorry, Please – 3 beautiful words

1. Prayer of Communion
Committing to the hands of God

2. Prayer of Confidence
In to your hands.
Safe in father’s hands
He was in wicked hands and returning to safe hands

3. Prayer of Commitment
Psalm 31:5
Forgiveness, restoration is available as well as ABC’S of Cross.