Easter Sunday – Empty Tomb

The world offers you Promises with full of emptinessEaster offers you emptiness with full of Promises

Hallelujah is the song of Easter

1. Celebration of Emptiness

Where there is emptiness, there is the Presence and Power of the risen Christ

Three Events.
a) Creation from emptiness. Spirit of God was hovering over the emptiness to bring the fullness of the world
b) Incarnation Christ emptied himself to become man (Phil 2:7)
c) Resurrection Empty Tomb

Don’t give way to despair during Emptiness. That’s when Jesus can bring fullness of our life.

John 20:12, Two Angels. There was life and light in the Tomb. We see nothing, but there was life and light

Adam didn’t have opportunity to see the emptiness of the world. Fullness couldn’t help him, because he sinned. Humanity is lost in fullness.

2. Consequence of Emptiness

Three kind of reactions to the empty tomb

a) Weeping. Mary was weeping. John 20: 11
b) Fearful. Disciples locked out of fear. John 20: 19
c) Doubtful. Thomas was doubtful John 20: 24

Risen Christ can give us the strength to face depression, fear and doubt.

First Adam was a Gardner, so was the second Adam

3. Commission at the Emptiness

Everyone was commissioned. Mary was commissioned specially

John 20: 11, Wept and wait.
She is Mary whom Jesus cast away 7 demons.

A terrified Mary, becomes transformed Mary and becomes transmitting Mary.

Go and be my Missionaries proclaiming there is fullness with Christ in emptiness of your life.